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Co-creating organizations through approaches and organizational designs that enable new potential

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People, Profit and Purpose


  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Ethics Beyond Cultural Norms
  • Commitment and Compassion


Organizations built and led with compassion, collaboration and a new energy of success and caring that resonates with holistic principles. Abundance is our natural state when we nurture ourselves and our environment as a whole.

Working with Loretta

I’m a trailblazer! I enjoy an amazing diverse ‘gig’ career. I have achieved success and resilience beyond my limiting beliefs! My dream is that everyone enjoys their careers, jobs, projects and interactions with people as much as I have; “the get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in our hearts” (Carole King). Let me share my experiences and knowledge with you.

Do you want to grow with bigger, brighter and more advanced systems and products?
With my love to share and collaborate and mentor even smarter teams with new innovative ideas, I can support you in advancing your systems and products.

Do you want to reach higher potential with your people, systems and processes?
I have a special gift of seeing connectivity and patterns in talent, systems and processes. I love to share this talent to leverage new and even better outcomes and ideas.

Are you ready to move beyond your comfort zone?
Working together we will find a systematic, project management focused, realistic and compassionate approach to helping you move out of your comfortable status quo.

Together, we can spark the flame in your organization! We can co-create collaborative teams to fuel the fires and grow the shared vision and shared rewards!

Are you ready?!

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